Do you care what I think?

political Facebook posts

Your relentless political Facebook posts finally turned me around to your way of thinking – Said nobody, ever.

Are you ever scared to post your thoughts in social media? Either you’re going to offend someone, you are going to hear the backlash of people who disagree with you (strongly), or worse, no one will care!

Social media is funny, because we are often bolder behind our computer screens than we are in person. We say things on Facebook and Twitter that we would never announce to a crowded room. Our views on politics, religion, and social etiquette are all loaded topics, which is why so often people avoid them in conversation, but give us a 140 characters and we’ll tell you how we feel!


“I think camping is stupid!”

I love not camping.

I love not camping.

– Living in North Georgia, odds are this comment will offend someone in my social network. Someone will disagree with this statement, and decide to tell me about how wrong I am, or everyone will dismiss my random outburst. None of these are my objective, but honestly, I probably had it coming. All I was doing was broadcasting┬ámy opinion, looking for a response, and I will get one, even if it’s not the desired result.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about it, I want social media to be an interaction, not a reaction. I want to exchange ideas with my network, not force mine on others! I want to share my life, not my judgements.

“What’s everyone doing this weekend?”

How much better if we invite people to share! To be blunt, I want to see your wedding pictures, your baby, your weekends with family, just not the hateful outbursts.

But I guess all of this is just me broadcasting. What do you think the purpose of social media is?