He Left

This morning Carl left to go on tour. They are driving to St. Petersburg, FL for their first stop on the tour.

Carl and the band opening for Sum 41 at the Filmore in Charlotte, NC

Carl and the band opening for Sum 41 at the Filmore in Charlotte, NC

It’s weird to finally be here. It’s not at all what we thought it would be. But isn’t that always the case?

The very first night I met Carl I thought he already had a tour bus. Shows how much I knew about the music business. When we talked about goals and envisioned the next five years, we pictured record deals, tour buses, and a paycheck.

Reality is: Most of the time you don’t want a record deal. You end up not benefiting from your hard work, someone else does. A tour bus is a long way off. Most of the successful musicians we know are still driving themselves in their own SUVs from show to show. And paying to go on tour. That was news to us.

But the benefits we never imagined: our friends and family and fans and all their amazing support. The satisfaction of producing your own album. The amazing musicians you meet and the friends they become. The blessings that God has poured out to bring about His plan.

That was the other thing that was a surprise to me. When I first met Carl it was hard to see how a life of music would be God’s plan. Carl has known this all along, that’s why he took the leap of faith. But to me, it didn’t make sense. Now, I can’t look at the past 7 1/2 years of Carl’s career and not see God’s hand in everything.

Today is the beginning of a new chapter in Carl’s career. But it is just another step in obedience.


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My Summer: Instagram Style

The Highlights:

Image– Carl and his band opened for Dave Barnes and then the Beach Boys on 4th of July


– We were in our friends (Jonathan and Candice’s wedding) – The bride and her maids!


– Visited family in Franklin! Carl wrote a lullaby for Emmaline!


– Megan started UGA! (Our last night together before she left)

– I now manage small groups at our church (The Highlands)

– My boss is on maternity leave, and I am filling in for her while she is home with her new baby!

Photo: September 5thImage

– We met Aiden Goins and Judah Scobie! Yay for little fingers and toes!


– Maggie and I went to her first college football game! Go Dawgs!

– Carl will be on tour in December opening for Tyler Ward.

God has blessed us so much! We are so thankful for the wonderful friends and family that we have been surrounded with!

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March Update

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Name Dropping

My husband changed his name. What’s that about? I was Crosby. Super easy to pronounce and then I took on Lubbe. Yeah, go ahead, say it out loud. You didn’t come close. It’s pronounced Libba. Yeah I know, I get asked to repeat myself a lot. So what is Carl’s new name? “Carl Dylan”. It’s a stage name. Yeah, most 14-year-olds think I’m cool now. He changed it for the same reason, no one can tell their friend about Carl Loobee and then actually find him on YouTube. But don’t worry, I’ll just take it out on my kids and name them something like Ruby Loobee… Does anyone have any other horrible suggestions for kids names?