I never know what to write. How do you describe yourself? Maybe I should have someone else write this:

My husband: “Kathryn is loving, kind, insightful, intelligent, incredibly funny, & generous to a fault.”

My sister-in-law: “dedicated, willing, cheery, capable, driven, problem solver, listener”

My friends: “Kathryn is very caring, dependable, intelligent and kind”

My family: “Kathryn is a thoughtful and logical thinker who dreams loftily while keeping realistic expectations. She is a classic beauty who likes pretty things. Did I mention her hilariously quirky yet smart sense of humor? I could go on an on…”

My small group: “Beautiful, fun, honest, analytical, generous, thoughtful, ….”

My boss: “Team player, dedicated, initiative, willing to go the extra mile, personable, inviting”

My co-workers: “Fashionable, self-aware, and organized while able to relate to multiple personality types and lead with a smile and a laugh”

My son: “Ma, ma, ma, ma, ma”


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