My Summer: Instagram Style

The Highlights:

Image– Carl and his band opened for Dave Barnes and then the Beach Boys on 4th of July


– We were in our friends (Jonathan and Candice’s wedding) – The bride and her maids!


– Visited family in Franklin! Carl wrote a lullaby for Emmaline!


– Megan started UGA! (Our last night together before she left)

– I now manage small groups at our church (The Highlands)

– My boss is on maternity leave, and I am filling in for her while she is home with her new baby!

Photo: September 5thImage

– We met Aiden Goins and Judah Scobie! Yay for little fingers and toes!


– Maggie and I went to her first college football game! Go Dawgs!

– Carl will be on tour in December opening for Tyler Ward.

God has blessed us so much! We are so thankful for the wonderful friends and family that we have been surrounded with!

Share a photo of your summer!


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