If I eat flowers will my allergies go away?

I ate local honey all year. I have lived in Georgia my whole life. I never go outside. So why have my eyes been so itchy and watery for the past few days that I can’t even wear make-up?

My eyes itch. My nose runs. I have headaches. Do you know how frustrating a half sneeze is?!?!!

I think Mother Nature heard that I don’t like her and she is striking back.

I have tried eye drops, but I miss A LOT and so I just have fake tears all over my face. Then my eyes itch more. People keep asking me if I’ve been crying.

No, I do not want to use a teapot to pour into nose. I really don’t see how that is at all a good idea. I had plenty of water go up my nose as a kid and I do not want to recreate that sensation on purpose.

I also am in denial that I have allergies. I think that if I ignore it long enough I won’t have them, therefore I don’t need to take medication. Because if I bought it, that would be surrendering! I will not surrender to daisies!

I may be getting a little delirious.

Stupid spring. It’s not even warm. Where are the April showers! I’m packing up and moving to the desert. There’s like one plant. I think it’ll be great.


One response

  1. you are in a large boat! This is the WORST year ever for pollen. Hang in there…..in about 10 years it will ighten up a bit! 🙂

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