Things not to put on a charm bracelet

People hate it when I wear this to work. Initially I get so many compliments, but once I start writing or typing or even walking, “jingle jingle”. Even I get tired of my soundtrack (I mean my husband is a musician).

But I love wearing it and walking through each piece of my life that is represented on my bracelet. Christmases, graduations, first car, first travel, and charms from loved ones. It’s a physical (sometimes audible) reminder of what and who have made me into the woman I am today. However, these are the things we like to relive and remember.

Then there are some we’d rather just forget. Charms not on my bracelet:

– My first F

– My first broken heart

– My freshman 20

– My first overdraft fee (or my second)

– My first car accident

These things have also made me who I am. A diligent student of life, a thankful wife, a healthier eater, a better steward of what God has blessed me with, and a much more cautious driver. Maybe I should put these charms on my bracelet…


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