Being a Grown-Up is Expensive

I text people when I get $0.20 off per gallon at Kroger. That was a highlight of my day. I have no idea how I got $0.20 off, but I did and I celebrate with my gas dance at the tank. I don’t remember Kroger Plus Cards being so monumental in my life.

Like I said, being a grown-up, driving places, eating food, living costs money. I know this is brand new information. After the summer being so hot and our GA Power bill basically costing us our first born, Carl and I decided to re-evaluate our budget. So we thought we would share the steps to create a “Budget Date Night”.

1. Freak out over your bills. This will prompt the need to make a budget.

2. Find all of your bills. Schedule at least 30 minutes because you will forget your password to at least one account, and it will take time to fight over the phone to find out what it is.

3. Sit down and add up your bills. Compare this to your income. You will initially be relieved to see that you can just barely cover your bills. Then freak out when you realize you haven’t added in food or gas to that and you have $20 to eat a month.

4. Immediately plan to buy Ramen. You haven’t had enough sodium lately anyways.

5. Run around the house and turn all the lights off to save some change. Get angry at your spouse for buying a sandwich a week ago. Don’t mention your Starbucks that cost just as much.

6. Finish your budget date in the dark. Say a prayer of thanks, because even though the math barely works, you know that God continues to provide every month and somehow everything always works out.

Seriously though, a couple of things that Carl and I are working through: a new bank (we don’t love Wells Fargo and are considering changing. Do you have a bank you love?), updating our wills (actually creating them) and life insurance policies (any advice for first time will-makers?), Dave Ramsey (we have heard so many success stories from friends and family, do you have a money tip to share?), and finally prayer for Carl’s house in Snellville (we are considering short sale or any other options). Please feel free to overload us with advice on all of these finance areas of our lives, because we are very intentionally looking to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with.

As always, thanks for all of your love and support!

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