My Desk

I wanted to show you my desk. My super green desk. If you didn’t know this about me, my favorite color is green, kelly green. It’s just a color that represents life to me! But anyways, I wanted to show you my desk and ask a favor of you:

Please send me things to put on/up/around my desk!!!

I would love to physically be surrounded by my supports and be reminded while I’m talking with youth pastors on the phone or sending emails that I have people that are partnering with me! I would love pictures, cards, anything that is something personal that will remind me of you!

Send it to:

Kathryn Lubbe

Adventures in Missions

6000 Wellspring Trail

Gainesville, Georgia 30506

I can’t wait to see how creative everyone gets and I will be sure to post an update soon with my supporter personalize desk!


Hilton Head Mission Trip

These are all pictures from the mission trip that I led! First time ever! It was definitely intimidating, but the group was awesome! Carl led worship for the group and of course they thought he was the bomb! (People still say that don’t they?) He had his backpack and iPod watch and blended in just fine. I, on the other hand, was asking if my CD collection was still relevant. I mean, Dashboard Confessional is still #1 in my book. We had an amazing time all week, doing beach ministry, prayer walks, some heavy duty landscaping, among other things.